Here's what some of Lynn's clients have said about working with her:

"When we called Lynn Taylor of Boston Feng Shui, we were completely stuck. She walked in and using our own things helped us shift the energy in our home dramatically. Simple changes in our physical space led to major changes in our marriage, our careers and our personal growth. We were so pleased that after we'd done everything Lynn suggested, we asked her to consult a second time to make sure there were no further enhancements we could make. I can recommend Lynn, and Boston Feng Shui, without reservation! Thanks, Lynn."

Dr. Susan Corso

"Lynn Taylor has helped me with the design of my home and my office on several occasions. Her skill, sensitivity, knowledge of feng shui, and intuitive approach proved to be incredibly helpful and productive. She solved a number of design problems in my kitchen that my wife and I, even with the help of an architect, had unsuccessfully wrestled with. She worked carefully with us, listening and talking thoughtfully and patiently, and developed an innovative design that markedly improved the layout, flow, beauty, and usefulness of the most important space in our home. Her design ideas have transformed our bedroom and the overall flow of the house and my office. Her sense of design is both extremely intuitive and informed by a deep and profound understanding of feng shui principles. She is a joy to work with."

Alan Medville
Alan Medville and Associates

"Lynn brought beauty, grace and order into my home and my heart by helping me figure out where I stand and how my interior decoration is an expression of my inner desires. Then she moved my furniture around. My new life is rich in every way!"

Dawn Jordan, President
spaBRASIL Travel

"On Lynn's advice, I simply rearranged my desk, hung awards and artwork on certain walls and added a colorful rug in my office space. I saw an increase in my business immediately!"

Lois M. Baho, CRS, GRI
Westwood, MA

"I had Lynn Taylor to my home for a Feng Shui consultation in June 1999 after struggling with infertility for almost two years. After implementing many of her suggestions, we got pregnant without any treatment, naturally, in September 1999! We also used what we learned in my husband's restaurant office - and sales increased shortly after. Lynn is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and her services."

Nancy Corcoran
Dedham, MA

"Within 24 hours of Lynn's Feng Shui consult of my law offices I received a large sum of money that I never expected to recover."

Wayne Dziedzic
Real Estate Attorney
Boston, MA

"Lynn brings along with her strong knowledge of Feng Shui principles a warm and spiritual touch. Her recommendations, while drawn from her expertise in the principles of Feng Shui, were also balanced with what would be practical in my home. I appreciated that she was available to answer questions that arose after consultation - those things that inevitably pop into your head shortly after the expert leaves.

"Lynn helped me understand the power not only within Feng Shui, but also the power within me to create and attract beneficial things into my life.

"Lynn was a pleasure to have in my home. She is knowledgeable yet light-hearted, patient, warm, and focused."

Leslie Frodema
Sudbury, MA

"With one gesture Lynn turned my sofa around and suddenly turned me around! My whole perspective of my living room changed and I felt I'd returned 'home.'"

Beverly Hall
Nantucket, MA

"When it was time for our agency to expand at this old converted hospital the only space available was downstairs. What is downstairs in a hospital?

"We moved into the morgue!

"Thank god for Lynn. She came by when we were preparing the space and after her ministrations - which included space clearing and energetic cleansing - we moved into a newly vibrant, uplifting and prosperous home.

"She turned death into life."

Dr. Phillip Speiser
Arts Therapy at Whittier Street Health Center

"We found Lynn's services to be extremely insightful and very helpful. She carefully explained the Feng Shui principles and their application to different areas within our home and proposed specific and practical solutions to the problems presented. As we carry out her suggestions, the positive energy changes continue to multiply - subtle in some cases and almost visible in others. We highly recommend Lynn Taylor."

Karen and Bob Kennedy
Marlborough, MA

"My experience with Lynn was truly wonderful. Her knowledge and understanding of Feng Shui is very extensive and her importing the wisdom is very clear. She also performed a sacred ceremony which I found quite remarkable. We were able to fulfill almost all of her remedies, which brought about significant improvement in our home and personal lives.

"It was an honor and pleasure to work with her, and I look forward to doing so again."

Gail Newton
Milford, MA

"You said some things that sounded so simple but made such a big difference. And within minutes of being in my home what you did has opened up spaces so there was more breath and beauty. It was like being with an artist who sees the essence of the space - and pares it down and re-defines it to reveal that."

Julie Leavitt

"Lynn Taylor is a gifted and generous person. Her approach to Feng Shui is a happy encounter of knowledge and wisdom. Her constant reference is you and the space you give yourself to feel and live in harmony. Her constant equation is to liberate your way for you to reach and enjoy a more spiritual path."

Nadine Vinot Postry
Paris, France

"Lynn brings deep intuition, the love of beauty, enthusiasm, and realism to her deep understanding of the Art of Feng Shui. These qualities and her mastery of the subject empower her to create the pathways for energy uniquely suited for the benefit of each individual. My husband and I were very impressed with her uplifting energy and her ability to see us as individuals as well as a couple.

"Thank you, Lynn."

Vincent and Dawna Memont
Saugus, MA

"You were awesome...THANK YOU...I was/am rich in the embrace of your energy, presence, and knowledge. What a gift!"

Laurie Kennedy

"We lived in this house for two years and knew it was a difficult space. Lynn Taylor told us exactly why it was difficult and how to fix it. She listened carefully to our goals and customized her consultation to feature them. Her solutions were practical and affordable and balanced our personal taste and use of the space with the principles of Feng Shui. I found myself immediately motivated to act on her suggestions. We experienced several very positive changes after implementing her suggestions.

"For example, Lynn recommended some specific changes to my husband's work space. Within five months, he closed three of his biggest deals ever. He says that it was his hard work, which is necessary, but he was working just as hard before!

"Also, we made a change in the area of our living space that corresponds to family. Within two weeks, I received a phone call from my sister. This doesn't sound out of the ordinary, but my sister and I had been estranged for two years! The call came out of the blue - I wasn't even necessarily going for results in that relationship. The change we made in the room was going to work aesthetically, but it still gave us results in our personal life!

"After implementing her suggestions to improve our finances, our investments more than quadrupled. It's uncanny.

"Lynn Taylor is professional and personable and trustworthy. She has consulted on several home and work sites for us and for friends. We are one hundred percent comfortable inviting her into these very personal spaces. We are very pleased with all of the results we've experienced."

Brookline, NH